Spank Spike Race Stem 31.8 x 55 x 35 x 50 Alloy Blue

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A favorite of FMB Freeride pros, All Mountain warriors, and Enduro racers alike, the SPIKE Race Stem blends tough and sexy seamlessly. 2D Forged for ultimate strength, then CNC weight optimized in every way, the SPIKE Race Stem might be a lightweight, but its iconic hourglass sectional profile lends the immense torsional stiffness required by SPANK’s pros. The burly 31.8 barclamp zone is chamfered to reduce stress risers and increase fatigue life in handlebars. Available in super-short 35mm or conventional 50mm lengths, with an minimal stack height, the SPIKE Race Stem brings style and confidence to any ride.

Micro grain refinement processed alloys.

Micro Grain Refinement – Processes such as extrusion, forging and tube drawing can increase the strength of alloy materials by reducing the grain size. SPANK uses state of the art proprietary metal forming methods which further improve grain size consistency and orientation, and significantly reduce grain size beyond that of our competitors. No other bars or rims are subjected to the number of drawing steps or level of refinement as those offered by SPANK. This leads to greater ultimate strength, toughness, and ductility … meaning confidence, comfort and safety.



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